bodily [bäd′ə lē]
[ME bodilich < bodi,BODY]
1. physical: opposed to MENTAL1
2. of, in, by, or to the body
1. in person; in the flesh [to be bodily present]
2. as a single body; in entirety
3. as a single group; as one unit
SYN.- BODILY refers to the human body as distinct from the mind or spirit [bodily ills ]; PHYSICAL, while often interchangeable with BODILY, suggests somewhat less directly the anatomy and physiology of the body [physical exercise ]; CORPOREAL refers to the material substance of the body and is opposed to spiritual [his corporeal remains ]; CORPORAL2 refers to the effect of something upon the body [corporal punishment ]; SOMATIC is the scientific word and refers to the body as distinct from the psyche, with no philosophic or poetic overtones [the somatic differences between individuals ] –ANT. MENTAL1, PSYCHIC, SPIRITUAL

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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